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teen john winning a rugby game and all his mates are wooping and cheering and grabbing their girlfriends from the stands and snogging them, and teen sherlock is shyly sat in a corner, clapping happily and about to make his exit because he thinks that john will be too embarrassed to do the same to him, but a beaming john bounds up to him suddenly and all but yanks him from his seat as he kisses sherlock filthily for everyone to see while the entire spectator stand cheers and wolf-whistles

Fuck yeah!

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Okay, real talk, guys. Which of the Sherlock characters would be Muggle born, and who would be pureblood? This is very important.

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"It just doesn't make sense!" Jim exclaimed, pacing agitatedly across the floor of the deserted classroom. "I planned everything to the letter, planted the seeds, contacted the... target." Suddenly the boy stopped short. His expression twisted into a look of hideous rage as he rounded on Sherlock, who was perched on a desk nearby doing his level best to remain impassive. "You," Jim hissed. "You gave Watson the wrong room number." Sherlock kept his face carefully blank. This wouldn't end well.



O.O uh oh.

Haha wait, what? When did I write this?

… OHHHH RIGHT no I do remember, I kept going. It’s ten parts long or something. Let me find the file…

Ah! Here:

"It just doesn’t make sense!" Jim exclaimed, pacing agitatedly across the floor of the deserted classroom. "I planned everything to the letter, planted the seeds, contacted the… target." Suddenly the boy stopped short. His expression twisted into a look of hideous rage as he rounded on Sherlock, who was perched on a desk nearby doing his level best to remain impassive. "You," Jim hissed. "You gave Watson the wrong room number." Sherlock kept his face carefully blank. This wouldn’t end well.


"Watson was a poor choice of target anyway," Sherlock muttered. Subtly as possible he shifted his legs closer to the floor, ready to bolt if necessary. "Anderson would have been better." Jim took a step toward him and snarled. "THREE MONTHS," he screeched. "Three months of planning, ruined because you’re smitten with a moron!" Sherlock scowled, but before he could open his mouth to refute that ridiculous claim Jim threw a left hook for his face. (2/10)


Sherlock ducked, scrambled off the desk and sprinted for the door. Jim didn’t bother to give chase - instead he dug his mobile out of his pocket. Sherlock turned his head just in time to catch the other boy’s steel-dark glare before the hall door swung shut. Shit. Shit shitshit, he was most likely texting Moran. Meant there wasn’t much time. Smothering a vague urge to panic he ran down the hall, skidded round a corner and headed for the stairs. Next floor up, just had to get there. (3/10)


John startled as the door to the abandoned classroom burst open. He looked up from his phone to find Holmes standing there with his hand flat on the wood panelling, panting like he’d just run a mile. “Out, go,” the younger boy puffed. John stood up with a confused furrow of his brow. “Is something going on?” Holmes just swallowed, still panting, and shook his head. “No, just leave.” Apparently deeming John’s progress too slow Holmes stalked over to physically drag him towards the exit. (4/10)


They’d only made it a few metres from the building before an older student stepped into the path ahead of them. John didn’t recognise him - looked like he was in sixth form, maybe. Holmes certainly knew the bloke however. He went paler than usual and with no warning whatsoever turned to shove John into a hedge beside the walkway. “Oi!” John objected, but Holmes hushed him in a near-snarl. John obligingly remained silent as his classmate straightened up to face the man walking their way. (5/10)


"Bit late for a walk, Moran," Holmes quipped blandly, quite suddenly looking completely at ease. John noticed he kept his body angled in such a way as to block sight of most of the hedge. The older student snorted as he approached. "Don’t play games with me, kid," he grumbled in a low voice. "Whatever you did must’ve been impressive, Jim’s in a right state." John perked up - Jim? Were they talking about Moriarty? Holmes scoffed. "He’s always in a ‘state’, why is it automatically my fault?" (6/10)


Moran just smirked. “You gonna cooperate or am I forcing this?” Sherlock swallowed, forced himself not to glance back at the shrubbery he’d shoved Watson into. Don’t draw attention. With a short huffed breath he reluctantly nodded. Better to go quietly than risk a fight - Watson would doubtless feel it his duty break cover and rush to Sherlock’s aid, the bloody idiot. Tucking his hands in his trouser pockets Sherlock wordlessly turned to follow Moran back the way he’d come. (7/10)


Chemistry class the next day was conspicuously lacking in snide remarks or sarcastic commentary. John glanced sidelong to the empty chair where Holmes usually sat. He hadn’t seen the other boy since he’d left with that Moran bloke last night. Had something happened? Moriarty was absent as well.. Just then a noise at the door caught his attention, and John looked up to find his willowy, dark-haired lab partner standing tall with a black eye and a wrist brace. Their eyes met. Holmes smiled. (8/10)


"What happened?" John asked as soon as Holmes had handed off his tardy slip to the professor and sat down. The other boy just smiled again. "Nothing," he said easily. "Just got in a bit of a scuffle. Everything’s fine now." John raised an eyebrow. "Now?" he repeated questioningly. Holmes smirked, darting him an odd look, but didn’t elaborate. After a few seconds John frowned to himself and turned back to his textbook. None of his business, really. A hand on his arm made him look back up. (9/10)


Sherlock was staring him straight in the face. John blinked. “What’s up?” he asked. The other boy seemed to be having difficulty forming the words he wanted to say. Finally, after an interminable silence, he glanced away. “Would you… be interested in assisting me?” he asked a tad nervously. John smiled. “Sure,” he replied without hesitation. “Got another case to solve?” Holmes looked back to him, eyes bright. His gaze lingered over Moriarty’s empty seat. “… something like that.” (10/10)


hungry hungry mycroft

(it’s his favourite game)

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A Kidlock fanbook by me!! Thank you everyone who’s been waiting patiently for this book, it’s finally available!

- 12 pages, full colour

- Contains a cute little poem

- Rated G for everyone!! :)

It’s available @ my Storenvy HERE!


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Aaron Taylor-Johnson for Man About Town magazine [x]


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Well, Janene and Irine sound the same as the original names... how about Jirene?

▲ Anonymous

Hm, that’s a thought, though it has all of Irene’s name in it. They might have to have one of those title pairing names, like Consulting Boyfriends. Maybe they could be “The Women”, or “Sorry Sherlock I Can’t Hear You Over The Sound of How Hot My Girlfriend Is.”

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Teen!AU; Janine and Irene studying together in the library. Janine is deep in thought, conjugating verbs in her head when she feels fingers slipping underneath her skirt, sliding up her inner thighs and lightly grazing the outside of her panties. She lets out a gasp and glances over at Irene. She's staring at her textbook, but the smug grin on her face lets Janine know that Irene is aware of what she's doing so she takes Irene's fingers & slips them underneath her panties & into her slick folds


Janine holds in her moan, watching the way Irene’s eyes widen at Janine’s initiative. Janine starts to move up and down slightly in her chair, Irene pressing her finger deeper into her, both still looking down at their books as if they were just studying. Janine can’t stop herself letting out a little whimper as Irene crooks her fingers, rubbing against her g-spot. She blushes as she continues to move, the Irene smirking as Janine slowly loses control. She presses the heel of her hand against the other girl’s clit, causing them to rub together as Janine quickens her movements. Moments later, Irene feels a gush of wetness against her hand, Janine’s body stiffening as she comes. Irene continues to rub her through her orgasm, relishing the little whimpers and moans that she can’t manage to muffle.


Apologies for the unexpected porn, but I just realised what a shocking lack of f/f pairings we have on the blog, so here’s some Janine/Irene!

Does anyone know the fandom name for this pairing? Janene? Irine?

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If you or your followers know of a fic where John sleeps with Sherlock, and after, Sherlock is getting dressed, and John notices the Harrow (or 'high school') uniform, and freaks out. Sherlock is cool about it. There may be Lestrade/John as well, but all I can remember from that bit is the Lestrade likes his 'rough'. Any ideas? I've looked everywhere! Thank you in advance.

▲ Anonymous

Ooooh, I don’t know this fic, but it’s one I definitely want to read. Does John freak out because he’s older and didn’t realise Sherlock was in high school?

Followers, does this sound familiar?

crazy640 said: Hi! My name is Eva and I think I know the fiction the girl is talking about. The author is Mycake and the name is “The Valley of queer”.

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kidlock! ^p^

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A summer affair 

Authors note: This is a Superwholock AU, please keep in mind that none of the details are meant to be accurate, whether in relation to the time period, location, or characters. There are things out of canon, this was done on purpose to fit my story. The main ships in the story are: Sam/Sherlock, Dean/Rose, Doctor (actually John Smith)/Rose. The story will be primarily focused on these five.  And finally I’d just like to clear up the ages of the five main characters… Sam and Sherlock are 18, Dean and Rose are 21, and Doctor/John Smith is 25. Now on to the story!

New york city, May 1929

The last summer of the Roarin’ Twenties… The weather was warm, the speakeasies were crowded and the young people were looking for that special someone. Admittedly, finding that special someone isn’t as easy as finding a quick fling, but it’s worth it in the end. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who that someone is. Holding on to that someone can be even harder…

Sam Winchester glared out the window of the car, attempting to block out the sound of his brother and father fighting…again. It’s not like he wasn’t used to the constant “disagreements”. He was just sick of hearing them every goddamn day.”No absolutely not! I will not lower my standards, to ask those…those bastards for information I can get myself!,” John Winchester shouted, he gestured angrily with one hand, driving with the other.

Dean Winchester sighed and carded a hand through his blonde hair in frustration. “I don’t see how you’d be “lowering your standards” We don’t know how to kill this thing! Chances are they do!”

"Do you remember what happened to your mother! They didn’t know how to save her! Did they!?"

Dean winced,” Dad…that was one group. You can’t blame every man-of-letters for her death.”

"I don’t care how you try to convince me, Dean, I’m not going to consult another man-of-letters, ever."

"Fine, then Sam and I will go."

"What?," Sam’s head whipped around to face Dean, or rather the back of Dean’s head.

"If you do that, you’ll be on your own for the rest of this case."


John pulled the car to an abrupt stop. “Beat it!”

Dean stared at him blankly,”What?”

"I meant what I said you’re on your own. Now get out of the car."

Dean blinked, hurt flickered over his face, just for a moment. Before he quickly rearranged his features into a look of hard determination. “C’mon Sammie,” he said swinging out of the car, backpack slung over one shoulder.

Sam slid out of the car, guilt eating at him already. He wasn’t sure if he was meant to leave too. Or if their father was expecting him to stay. Sam had this problem every time they fought, never knowing which side to pick was getting exhausting. “Take care of your brother,” John said, before driving down the road and out of sight.


Second year Hermione Granger finds a lonely first year Sherlock Holmes in the library and it turns out that they have a few things in common. (x)

I’ve been thinking about making something like this since I found out that Sherlock would have attended Hogwarts at the same time as the trio, give or take a year or two. Let me know if you want me to continue!


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yes hullo i’m here to talk to you about your lord and saviour

Oh fuck me, I managed to not get caught up in balletlock for months, and then this happened. I can’t afford to sell my soul to anymore AUs guys. Please send help.


yes hullo i’m here to talk to you about your lord and saviour

Oh fuck me, I managed to not get caught up in balletlock for months, and then this happened. I can’t afford to sell my soul to anymore AUs guys. Please send help.

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Time for some Potterlock, yay.


Time for some Potterlock, yay.

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Voting for The Holmsies is NOW OPEN! 


Hi all!

After months of reading through the THOUSANDS of amazing fics that were submitted to the Holmsies, we’re happy to finally let you know that we’re ready to announce nominations and accept votes.

Nominations were decided by the mods of fuckyeahteenlock and sherlockbbcficrecs. The maximum number of nominations per category is five, but some categories have fewer fics - these categories had fewer submissions than others, and we didn’t feel it would be fair to always include five for every category (e.g., if there were only seven submitted total).

As a reminder from when we started the Holmsies, all the fics on the list should have less than 25,000 hits on AO3 and less than 250 reviews/comments on any other forum - we did calculate hits as of when we received the submissions a few months ago, so there are a small number of fics that have crossed that limit since. They’re still included in the nominations.

You’re always welcome to give us feedback in the notes based on your experience engaging with this contest this year, and we’ll do our best to incorporate the most-often-stated comments when we do this the next time around.

You can access the Google form that we will be using to collect votes HERE. Only one submission per person, please - if you’d like to edit your votes after you’ve finished, you must save the link provided once you hit “submit.” We CANNOT find this for you later!

The remainder of this post consists of links to all the nominated fics. Please reblog and share this post so that we can get the largest potential sample of the Sherlock fandom to vote. 

We will be closing voting on September 1st, 2014, giving you about a month and a half to vote. 
Thanks so much, and for now, happy happy HAPPY reading!


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The Holmsies are open for voting! Thousands of fics later, we here at fuckyeahteenlock and the ladies of sherlockbbcficrecs present to you: the Holmsies Sherlock Fan Fiction Awards.

Remember, all fics had to have fewer than 25,000 hits (or an equivalent number of commentd if there was no hit count) to qualify, so hopefully this put together a great list of new fics for everyone. Go vote for your favourite little-known Sherlock fics!

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